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bank-transact -h

  bank-transact  [options]  -b <bank path> -m <message path>

  Takes an AMOS bank directory and message file as input. Alters the
  banks as directed by the message file. Messages without an act field
  will, by default, be added to the bank. All object links must
  reference IIDs. If an object has a non-unique ID, the user will be
  warned and the object will be ignored. To retrieve information from
  a bank in message format, please use the bank-report utility.

  -b path       The directory path of the banks to open or create
  -c            Create new bank directory if path does not exist
  -f            Forcibly create new bank by destroying existing
  -h            Display help information
  -m path       The file path of the input message
  -z            Compress sequence and quality values for SEQ and RED
                (only allows [ACGTN] sequence and [0,63] quality)
  -v            Display the compatible bank version

  amos bank