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This website uses MediaWiki to organize and present the content, the same software used to run the WikiPedia.

Editing a page

Once you are logged in, you can edit any page by clicking on the edit tab on the top of each page. You can then add content by typing in the text box, and format it by adding special tags around your text. For example, putting a word in double brackets [[ ]], creates a link to that page in the wiki. Click on the edit tab of any page to see how it is formatted.

Add New Page

The easiest way to add a new page is to first edit an existing page to include a link with double brackets to the page you want to add. Save the page, and then click on the link- you'll be sent to a new empty page to edit.

Special pages

See these pages for details on adding pages and formating your content.

Click on the following image to upload a new version of the PNG logo image for your project: